slider-art-bio-about-pageOf Colombian-Puerto-Rican descent, born in Manhattan and raised in Brooklyn in 1975. From the start of his career in 1993 he explored various mediums, materials and techniques and having maintained his visual/artistic curiosity throughout all. In early ’88 began painting and sculpting then progressed into computer based designing on a Tandy then switched to a Mac. In ’93, joined Liquid Sky D-Sign designing murals and apparel as well as designing for labels such as Jive Records, New Breed, Allen St Recordings, Half Baked Ideas, Deelite Recordings, Sampledelic and Elektra Records.

In addition to not just purely graphic work, began designing clothing and accessories for clients such as Universal, Bungie, Fox, Konami, and Nintendo in the 2000’s. A truly multi-talented and multi-disciplinary artist, which continues to cross borders and push his boundaries. Having created mural art for events, Theatre props and wardrobe concepts, Miniature Video Set for green screen and so forth.

And will continue into the future.

=¡= The best of blessings, respect and strength. =¡=